Top quality products for the professional sector

ABSOLUK is a complete line of professional products developed by and for stylists and hairdressers. Innovation, forefront and technique are the words that define Absoluk.

Inspired by light, music, perfume, emotions and the highest quality. Absoluk main objectives are satisfying the needs of hairdressers and salons.  The concern and care of human health and the environment are also part of its identity. Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and silicone free are part of its ethical code, on which each of the products is based.

Discover Absoluk lines:

Technicals: Advanced technology formulations and bright colors of optimal quality made with American pigment and propyleneglycol as a key ingredient, cares and repair colored hair.

Diagnostic: Treatment line born from the research and collaboration of our team of pharmacists and our team of stylists. A methodology based on diagnoses and subsequent treatments for all types of hair and scalp, taking care and respecting the health of the skin and hair.

Style & Care: Styling products to create any type of look, but also taking care of the hair. Let your stylist creativity fly and let no hairstyle resist to you.